Pedha Ki Barfi

Episode 05: Glow Kidhar Hai?

In India, there are commonly circulated ‘beliefs’ that an expectant mother goes through a series of changes like godly facial glow, compulsory cravings and unreasonable weight gain when she conceives. But what if that does not happen? Is it a reason for worry? Tune in to the 5th Episode of Pedha Ki Barfi to know…

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Episode 04: B-12 Ramayan

In a typical Maharashtrian household, usually ‘Ramayan’ is also used as an analogy for heated arguments or fights that happen between family members. Tune in to the 4th episode of Pedha ki Barfi to find out what happens when the husband finds out that the wife has a vitamin B-12 deficiency and that, according to…

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Episode 03: Dil Ki Baat

Hearing the baby’s heartbeat for the first time is an exciting milestone for first-time-parents and this happiness increases several manifolds when shared with the family. Tune in to the 3rd episode of Pedha ki Barfi to find out how each member of the clan reacts to the “GOOD NEWWZ”

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Episode 02: Baap Mantra

The couple decides to embark on this journey after a lot of discussions but the husband is still not sure about this accidental pregnancy and has his doubts.  Tune in to the second episode of Pedha Ki Barfi and listen how a ‘Baap Mantra’ changes everything for a reluctant and a doubtful Father-To-Be!

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Episode 01: ‘Ho’ ka ‘No’?

Before marriage, the husband couldn’t wait to have a baby and wife was completely against it thinking of all the responsibilities and restrictions. After marriage, the husband isn’t ready for the baby and the wife is all up for it thinking of all the happiness the baby will bring along. It’s not only impossible to…

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