Pedha Ki Barfi

Hosted ByPiyush Shinde

A 30-year-old paranoid husband is shocked to find out that his 28-year-old carefree wife is pregnant. Initially he struggles to come to terms with it....

Episode 10: Covidayanamaha

You must have heard a lot of people say that pregnancy is a GOD’s gift but ‘the couple’ seriously had a few ‘why did the pregnancy happen this year’ moments. Wondering why? It was an ACT OF GOD. The year when the world turned upside down, 2020!

The year 2020 will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. The dreadful covid-19 pandemic created havoc across the globe.
But for the couple, it was a mixed bag of feelings. On one hand, they were happy about their baby’s arrival but on the other hand, they were equally scared.

In light of the pandemic, the couple takes a pivotal decision at the very last moment. What was it? Tune in to know more!