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How well do you know your food? Did you think soaked almonds make you smarter or that men should not have Soya? Is Batata (potato) really a Marathi...

Episode 15: Coconut Oil – New Darling of the Western Dieters

Coconuts have been grown in the tropics for millennia. In India, everyone south of the Vindhyas has been in love with its natural goodness and has conferred the coconut palm with the title “Kalpataru” – The Tree Of Life”.

Recently, The West has woken up to the goodness of this ancient oil and has taken this love to a whole new level. Low Carbers swear by it and add it to everything from their morning cup of Joe to their desserts.

Let Jitendra Chouksey aka JC be your guide as he walks you through the rich history of this quintessential tropical fruit and busts some myths along the way